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Pilates classes in Rochester, Kent and online.

Why Exercise with us?

I have been a member of FHT (Federation of Holistic therapy) for 18 years and I am super excited about being a Finalist for Sports Therapist of the year of 2019 FHT Excellence awards.

I started out as a YMCA Fitness Instructor in my twenties, then found my passion for deep tissue massage, hot stones and other complementary treatments studying at Lewes College and Advance massage training with 'JI
... NG' in Brighton.

I have continually updated and progressed my knowledge throughout my career to FHT's high standards of verification.

As a bodywork practitioner working in busy osteopathic clinics, my job was demanding and very physical, I had also had four children and ran a busy home life. So I took up Pilates to help my body, I saw and felt the difference in my posture, core and overall wellbeing.

As a therapist, I enjoy making people feel better and as a Pilates teacher, I could help people to help themselves!

Pilates is such a wonderfully inclusive way of keeping fit and maintaining a happy body and mind.

Pilates is low impacted, slow and structured, using imagery to explain where and how you should be feeling, which muscles you are switching"off" or"on".

My classes are fun and I keep them interesting by changing the weekly exercises and use different equipment which helps you to perfect your Pilate moves.
I run classes and offer 1-2-1 with large equipment, such as the reformer, Cadillac, barrel, wunda chair and lots more! I never get tired of learning new exercises with new equipment and passing them on to my class.

Because of my good understanding of Anatomy and Physiology from my bodywork, I retrained as a Pilates instructor in 2015.
At 40, for a flighting moment, I panicked and thought, "Can I do this at my age?" and I did hold back until I did The London Night Shine Marathon 2014 and I thought if I can do a marathon, I can do this course!

I was then set on a mission to help others gain better strength, coordination, balance, control, flow, concentration, breathing and stamina.

I looked around and wanted to do the best course available and was recommended Pilates Solutions in Surrey.
Established in 2003 by Belinda Buttery and Claire Worman, two of the most highly qualified Pilates teachers and instructors in the UK.
I have gone on to complete the following courses

YMCA Level 4 in Programming Physical Activity for Individuals with Low Back Pain &
Level 3 Diploma in Pilates
Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
Small and Large Studio Equipment
Pregnancy Pilates
& APPI course in Kids and Teens.
DBS Insured By: Hiscox Fht

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Hiscox Fht
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